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Which FMCG product is most profitable

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Table of content

  • Most Profitable FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Product
  • Why Start an FMCG Business?
  • List of 50 most profitable fast moving consumer goods products
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Most Profitable FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Product

The term “fast moving consumer goods” (FMCG) is used. In general, FMCG products play a significant role in the world economy. For your ready reference, we have gathered the most profitable fast moving consumer goods in this blog.

FMCG products either have a short shelf life due to strong customer demand or because the product degrades quickly. In addition, some FMCGs, such meat, fresh produce, dairy items, and baked goods, have a short shelf life.

FMCG products typically have low profit margins. They do, however, frequently sell in big quantities. As a result, the overall profit on these products is high.

FMCG offers a variety of items. Processed food items, wines and alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and packaged water, bread goods, etc. are a few of the well-known segments. Here is a ranking of the top most profitable fast moving consumer goods according to Myanmar Golden Heart.

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Why Start an FMCG Business?

The volume of the investment is one of the most crucial factors. With little start-up money, anyone can launch this business. Additionally, you might anticipate significant growth in the firm if you manage it well.

Second, you can advertise the things in reasonably simple ways. Just enough distribution is available to spread the word about the goods.

In this industry, a high stock turnover rate is normal. In essence, this is a volume-based industry.

The majority of FMCG products are perishable goods. Customers therefore have needs on a daily basis. Additionally, these are the essential items for everyday usage.

There are many opportunities in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry that you might investigate aside from manufacturing. You can contact Myanmar Golden Heart for more related opportunities. 

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List of 50 most profitable fast moving consumer goods products


#1. Bakery

Different kinds of bakery goods are particularly well-liked FMCG products. Additionally, the bread industry offers excellent financial rewards for new business owners. To choose a certain product line, you must consider the preferences of your target market.

#2. Baking Powder Production

Baking powder is actually a crucial ingredient in both cooking and baking. The primary purchasers of this commodity, in addition to household consumers, are bakeries, caterers, and restaurants. The manufacturing procedure is easy. And you only need a little initial expenditure to launch the firm.

#3. Banana Chips Making

The value-added items made from bananas are banana chips or wafers. Consider starting this business if you live somewhere where you can buy fresh bananas in large quantities. Distribution, price, and proper packaging are the three main facets of this firm.

#4. Biscuit Making

Making biscuits is a lucrative and specialized FMCG industry. The industry also calls for modest capital expenditures and infrastructure requirements. Before starting your firm, you must, however, secure the required licenses from the appropriate government agency.

#5. Bread Making

This company is also successful. Bread typically comes in a variety of flavors and shapes. It is best to start the business modestly and focus on the neighborhood first. You may consider production expansion as your firm expands.

#6. Cake & Patties Making

Different cakes, patties, and burger varieties are becoming incredibly popular in both developed and developing nations. These are all, in general, ready-to-eat foods. Additionally, a little retail location is adequate for showcasing these goods. It’s best to start this business with two or three goods, though.

#7. Canned Rasgulla

Rasgulla in cans is actually very trendy right now. In general, the canned Rasgulla has a much longer shelf life than the uncanned kind. The item is also suitable for transporting. Additionally, the product has considerable export potential.

#8. Cheese Production

Actually, both industrialized and developing nations require cheese as a basic dairy product. Bread is a key component in many recipes in addition to being consumed. Therefore, there is already a demand. However, this product comes in a number of variations depending on taste, size, and packaging.

#9. Cottage Cheese Production

Paneer is the second most popular name for cottage cheese. This processed dairy product is highly well-liked. Additionally, the shelf life of the paneer is extended when it is properly processed and packaged. You can start a paneer production business with a 1000 square foot covered space and a modest capital investment.

#10. Chocolate Making

Another highly lucrative FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) venture that you can launch with a modest initial investment is this one. If you have the room, you can even launch the business from your house. However, packaging is significant to this industry.

#11. Coconut Oil Production

In many nations, particularly those in the Asia Pacific region, coconut oil is a crucial cooking ingredient. The main markets for this product include the food processing, personal care, and cosmetics industries. If coconut production is abundant where you live, you might want to establish this business on a small or medium size.

#12. Coffee Processing

Practically speaking, coffee seeds or beans are not consumables. These must therefore be properly processed and packaged. The processing is intricate. Additionally, the company needs both significant cash investment and strategic planning. However, from a financial standpoint, coffee processing is a very lucrative industry. Furthermore, the product has excellent export potential.

#13. Cornflakes Manufacturing

You might think about launching this business if you are in a region with a strong corn or maize production industry. Additionally, you can launch a corn processing company with a modest initial capital expenditure. Additionally, the company doesn’t need a big space for production.

#14. Custard powder Production

In reality, custard powder is a delightful, ready-to-cook ingredient for sweet recipes. The manufacturing procedure is easy. However, producing custard powder necessitates a specific license and permit, just like any other food-related enterprise.

#15. Dal milling

One of the most lucrative business prospects in the agro-processing sector is dal milling. Additionally, there are two ways to launch a dal milling company. One is a tiny dal mill, and the other is a large-scale dal mill. Establishing a small dal mill is preferable if your initial capital is modest.

#16. Desiccated Coconut Powder Manufacturing

This is a coconut product with extra value. Production technology is further accessible. The product is currently gaining a tonne of popularity. In regions where coconuts aren’t grown, desiccated coconut could do well.

#17. Fish Processing

Starting a fish processing business is a fantastic option if you reside near the coast. In actuality, fish that has been cooked or canned has a longer shelf life. These goods are also excellent for export and high-end sales.

#18. Flour Milling

The milling of flour is a thriving industry. The main component of bread is flour. Additionally, it’s a crucial component of a variety of processed goods like biscuits, cakes, pies, soups, and more. The primary drivers of market expansion are rapid industrialization and rising consumer disposable income.

#19. Frozen Yogurt Production

Frozen yogurt is actually a beloved dairy good all around the world. Additionally, launching this firm requires careful planning and a reasonable investment. In addition, you must focus intently on marketing and distribution.

#20. Fruit Juice Production

A fruit juice manufacturing business can be very successful and wealthy. However, the enterprise necessitates thorough preparation and significant capital expenditure. In the beverage industry, fresh fruit juice is more common than other packaged drinks. In addition, packaged fruit juice consumption is quickly rising.

#21. Ghee Production

Ghee can be thought of as clarified butterfat. It is also the vegetarian diet’s richest source of animal fat. It provides 9 Kcal of energy per gramme. You have the option of starting a small or large-scale ghee manufacturing operation. Ghee is quite well-liked in Asian nations. On the other hand, it is widely present everywhere.

#22. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

This brand-new product is ginger-garlic paste. And interest in the product is growing quickly. The main factors influencing the growth are an extremely hectic lifestyle and the rising demand for prepared foods. From the same manufacturing facility, you may start making onion paste.

#23. Grocery Store

For new business owners, a regular grocery shop is still a very profitable venture. This FMCG company is also excellent for starting anywhere. Rural areas, small towns, and large cities are all viable locations to launch an enterprise.

#24. Hing Processing

Asafoetida is compounded to make the edible Hing. It is a highly well-liked spice product. However, not all nations have access to the essential raw materials. In essence, you have to import the raw ingredients from Afghanistan and Iran. It is employed in the food processing and cosmetics industries in addition to as a spice.

#25. Honey Processing

It’s common to consume honey. The product also has potential for both domestic and international sales. If you reside in a region where honey is produced, you might want to think about opening a processing facility. In this industry, the placement of the unit is extremely important. Since raw honey must be obtained in sufficient quantities to manufacture packaged honey.

#26. Ice Cream Making

Both in industrialized and emerging nations, ice cream is a very popular commodity. It is also one of the best desserts, in my opinion. This meal is adored by individuals of all ages. An ice cream manufacturing company is tremendously financially successful. But you need to have the right marketing plan for this company.

#27. Ice Cream Parlor

A successful FMCG business concept is a little ice cream shop. You can also launch this business using the kiosk concept. However, you must offer your customers a convenient and pleasant setup.

#28. Jam Jelly Making

Making jam and jellies is a traditional industry, but it is still quite successful. Even housewives and female entrepreneurs can succeed in this line of work. Making jam and jellies at home can be lucrative. due to the cheap infrastructure costs required. Depending on the fruit availability in your area, you can produce a variety of items.

#29. Juice Bar

A profitable retail beverage business is a juice and smoothie bar. In addition, you can launch the company as a franchise. The success of this business over the long term depends on finding a strong retail location.

#30. Meat Processing

The demand for various kinds of animal protein is rising quickly. However, launching a small meat processing company takes thoughtful preparation and a sizable financial commitment. You also need to have a good marketing strategy for this company.

#31. Milk Powder Production

In the FMCG sector nowadays, milk powder occupies a key place. Actually, milk powder is a convenient form that may be processed further into a variety of goods. When local milk is unavailable or not cost-effective, the powder is typically recombined locally and utilized to replace liquid milk.

#32. Mushroom Processing

The lifespan of fresh mushrooms is extremely short. But after processing and canning, they have a few months’ worth of shelf life. More productive than any crop, mushrooms are. Any individual with minimal resources and infrastructure can start a mushroom processing facility. The unit can be started at home even by you.

#33. Mustard Oil Production

Another fantastic FMCG venture that you may launch at any scale depending on your capitalization. In truth, mustard oil is a widely used cooking oil. It typically comes in pet bottles or poly pouches. Only mustard seeds are used as the main raw material.

#34. Mayonnaise Production

Mayonnaise is essentially a rich, creamy condiment used in cooking. Typically, the main components of mayonnaise are oil, egg yolk, and either vinegar or lemon juice. The manufacturing procedure is easy. It also requires a minimal amount of equipment and apparatus.

#35. Noodles Manufacturing

Noodles typically come in two different styles. Instant noodles with spice, oil, and other ingredients are one option. Another is pre-packaged plain noodles that need to be prepared and mixed with additional ingredients. But compared to the second kind, the ready-to-eat variety brings in higher revenues. The job can be carried out from home as well.

#36. Online Grocery Delivery

A popular business today is an online grocery store. People with demanding work schedules prefer to have the goods delivered to their homes rather than visiting the market. This company, however, needs a large cash commitment for both operation and marketing.

#37. Organic Food Store

Food that has been farmed organically is becoming increasingly popular. People are becoming more conscious of eating foods that contain dangerous substances. Consequently, opening a small organic food store is a very successful venture. But in this sector, product procurement is really essential.

#38. Packaged Drinking Water or Mineral Water

In general, the localized demand for packaged drinking water is a major factor in the product’s success. Although 1 liter and 500 ml bottles can be profitable, 20 liter drums can yield the highest profits.

#39. Paneer & Cheese Manufacturing

Cheese and paneer are incredibly well-liked items with extra value. The production process is also straightforward. The unit can be started using straightforward machinery. In general, packaged paneer commands higher prices than loose paneer.

#40. Papad Making

A delectable and well-liked snack is papad. Anyone can start a papad-making business, whether it is on a large or little scale, from their house. The demand for many papad types is gradually rising. Demand is consistent throughout the year and typically increases by 10% to 15% during the holiday season.

#41. Pickles Making

Making pickles is a successful industry worldwide. Pickles are, however, often more well-liked in the Asia Pacific region. There are many different types of pickles. Additionally, a person’s physical condition and particular taste often depend on their environment.

#42. Popcorn Production

Popcorn is actually a delightful and delectable snack that everybody can enjoy. You may want to think about starting this business if you want to create a modest manufacturing operation in the FMCG sector. Additionally, it is a low-cost enterprise.

#43. Potato Chips Making

Potato-based value-added goods play a significant role in the worldwide FMCG industry. In addition, starting a firm that makes potato chips is rather simple. Various potato types are typically used to make chips. According to consumer demand, a variety of chips must be produced by incorporating various spices and flavors.

#44. Rice Milling

For the majority of people on this planet, rice is a primary staple diet. There are many different types of rice available, all at various price points. The business of milling or processing rice is successful. Additionally, if you live in a region where rice is grown extensively, you can think about starting a rice mill project.

#45. Shrimp Papad Making

Shrimp papad is the simple name for the papad cooked with shrimp. You’ll need to purchase fish flour along with other dal flours to make shrimp papad. The production method is straightforward. Either a semi-automated or completely automatic configuration of the machine is possible.

#46. Soy Sauce Production

Soy sauce, often known as soya sauce, is typically used to flavor a variety of foods. The product is really well-liked all across the world. The usage of soy sauce in both Western and Chinese cuisine as well as in meat products is widely accepted. Basically, soy sauce may be made from soy flour.

#47. Spice Processing & Packaging

Spice processing and packaging is a hugely successful FMCG industry globally. The flavor and taste of processed meals are significantly improved by spices. Because of their digestive and carminative characteristics, they are also used in medicine.

#48. Sugar Production

The FMCG industry’s established and successful sugar milling sector. Starting a sugar mill requires a lot of capital. Additionally, you can only launch the firm in a region where sugarcane is grown. because you must regularly obtain sugar cane for your factory operation.

#49. Tea Bag Making

Simple steps are taken to create tea bags. And there is a sizable demand for the goods among domestic and institutional audiences. You can start this business at home or with a minimal infrastructure. Basically, you need to be aware of the particular demand in your area. Consequently, you need to prepare the tea bags. Cardamom tea, basil tea, and other tastes are among the most popular ones.

#50. Tea Processing

Tea processing and production facilities are particularly financially rewarding for new businesses. Additionally, the company offers enormous potential for growth. However, you must begin the unit in a region where tea is grown.

Myanmar Golden Heart hopes that this collection of most profitable FMCG products will assist you in making a thoughtful choice regarding opening your own company.

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