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What Are The Some Examples Of Wholesale Companies

What is wholesaling?

The act of selling goods to a person or an organization other than the end consumer of goods is called wholesaling. Wholesaling consists of the sale of the products in bulk quantities to retailers. Then the retailer repackages and resells the product at a higher price in very small quantities. wholesalers are expert in selling a single product category or they can offer a wide range of goods. 

Sometimes retailers need a variety of goods and components of goods that can be obtained efficiently from a single source. In such cases, wholesalers can also act as a middleman. They negotiate deals between wholesale and retails businesses. Hence Wholesale businesses can path around any type of non-durable or durable product.

Examples of Wholesale Companies:


This has been a great choice for traders to connect the sellers of China regions with other region’s markets. TradeWheel is famous for its worldwide following and global presence.  TradeWheel has a competitive advantage because it  promotes and supports the long-term partnerships formed for helpful purposes. Hence this platform covers every style and taste with a distinct directory of renowned names in the industry, storing an important international target audience.

Global sources

Global sources is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms based in Hong Kong. With its stunning B2B sales strategy, Global Sources brings wholesalers and retailers together in a productive way. This platform generally focuses on electronics products, mobile electronics, trending fashion, gifts and home and furnishing etc. While it is also dealing with other types of products.

Global Market

Global Market is an important online Manufacturer-to-Business marketplace. Because it connects international buyers with reputable Chinese manufacturers in an easy way and cost effectively. Hence the platform is one of the most trusted and distinguished websites. As they are expert in providing qualitative services to an extensive range of products from Agriculture to Toys and Textile products. Therefore, the goods supplied by GMC manufacturers are both checked and inspected by a rigid quality control system.


We cannot forget a highly favored business 2 business platform like ECVV, when it comes to wholesale business. The main motive is to form a safe platform where companies can communicate and interact with each other without any fear of scams. ECVV has accumulated more than 2.2 million buyers and 950,000 suppliers with 12 years of experience all around China. Hence the platform is reputative in machinery, hardware, equipment and electrical appliances etc.


eBay was established in 1995. eBay is among the leading wholesale business examples of the US. The company sells many different products from various brands and ships to every part of the world. Their products are categories into  fashion, motor, electronics, home and garden and daily deals etc. eBay sells many products at affordable prices and you can also deliver high quality goods. The platform absolutely connects buyers with sellers all around the world. You are sure to make the right decision while shopping from eBay, and this is the reason why it is one of the biggest US wholesale websites.


This platform is the largest online business to business marketplace in India. Focusing on the Indian market, it is one of the major wholesale business examples with around 6.2 million suppliers. Buyers can get many benefits from IndiaMART in many ways which are as follows:

  • Easily source products and services from IndiaMART
  • Access to good and genuine suppliers all over India
  • Send their buy demand and get an instant reply


This platform formed in 2005 and helped over 1,37,000 businesses for growth. It is globally displayed as a community for wholesalers, building a different variety of place categories. SaleHoo allows wholesalers to analyze market trends and find the best-selling products which are in demand with an advanced search feature. The platform also provides facilities to businesses for finding products with a high-profit margin or sell through rate.


Made-in-China is a leading business 2 business e-commerce marketplace for its famous list of buyers and sellers. The company focuses on online sales and content marketing using a strong and common supply network. Buyers will be able to connect with Chinese suppliers in all kinds of purchasing environments with the help of worldwide exhibitions, social media , and other channel publicity, cross-border. With the help of Made-in-China, suppliers will be able to upgrade their international trade capacity and hold many other trade opportunities. It only does not help in reducing the export cost of suppliers, but it also helps increase purchasing efficiency and the shopping experience. Made-in-China has helped various small and medium-sized businesses to do external trade and observe their huge industrial transformation as well.

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