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Things To Know About Single End Spanner

Things To Know About Single End Spanner

What is a wrench or spanner?

Spanners are hand-held tools used for rotating and providing grip to fasteners like nuts and bolts. Spanners give an advantage by applying additional torque in rotary nuts and bolts. 

All the spanners use metal shafts for durability and possess a jaw or head on one end for a single-end spanner and two-heads or jaws on double-end spanners. There two types of spanner in general

  • ring-end spanner and
  • open-end spanner

One can also fetch a combination spanner which comprises both ring and open-ended spanners.

Difference between open-end and ring end spanner

Open-ended spanner

The open-ended or single end spanner can provide fixed width which can fit on the fasteners. The head is U-shaped which attaches to the nuts or bolts to tighten or loosen it.

Ring end spanner

We can define the ring end spanner from the name as it has a ring-shaped profile. The head of the ring-end spanner can either rotate anticlockwise or clockwise based on the fasteners.

What are the applications of spanners?

Basin-tap spanner or wrench

The basin-tap wrench spanner is a perfect choice for plumbing on hard nuts used in sinks and other related compression fittings in hollow profiles.

Compression fitting spanner

The compression fitting spanner works well in plumbing projects which can attach two pipes firmly with fasteners.

Combination spanner

The combination spanner contains two shafts where one side has an open-end wrench and on the other hand a ring end spanner. The combination spanners are always in demand as one can utilize them for a variety of purposes.

Things To Know About Single End Spanner

Single-end spanner

The single-end spanner either comprises a ring head or U-shaped head and can work well for basic household hardware needs.

Pin spanner

Pin spanners are specially designed for lock nuts which contain two holes on either side for nuts. The spanner fits two corresponding pins to rotate the lock nut.

Insulated spanner

The insulated spanners possess rubber finishing ensuring that the handler is free from electric shocks.

Benefits of using a combination spanner

For tuning the fasteners, the open-ended spanners are more energetic when compared with the ring end spanners. The ring end spanner can work for the primary process, and the free end spanner can conclude the task. 

Combination spanners work with a fixed-size ranging from 4mm to 50 mm. The length of the spanner is directly proportional to the size of the fastener. One must look out for the duration of the shaft while purchasing a combination spanner. Longer spanners work well for more significant works.

The role of profile head in a spanner

The profile head of the combination spanner determines the simplification of the process. The ring end can provide a better grip but cannot tighten the fastener. The open-end wrench is the best alternative for the first few turns while loosening or tightening the nuts. 

Spanners come with an array of applications from tech-repair to furniture assembling and are one of the critical components of all the workshops. All the spanners are durable with long-lasting strength. For more information related to the above topic, you can contact Myanmar Golden Heart.

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