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We at MGH, firmly believe in connecting the world with reliable distribution with a foundation of performance, trust & teamwork making us the leading specialists in the world of distribution.

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Myanmar’s Leading Hardware Distributor- MGH Distributors

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  • Who are the Distributors?
  • What Is Hardware Distribution?
  • Be aware of your product distribution options.
  • Channels of distribution
  • How is the Distributorship of Hardware Run?
  •  Hardware Distributors of MGH

    At the present time, Myanmar Golden Heart is the most extensive distribution company. We are the best industry leader in hardware wholesaler and hardware distribution businesses. At Myanmar Golden Heart, we take pride in offering a product portfolio that is constantly growing to include intriguing new items. This post will walk you through our hardware wholesalers and distribution channel in brief.

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Who are the Distributors?

Let’s clarify things more. “Who are the wholesalers?” A distributor is a wholesaler with additional responsibilities. In addition to executing retailer requirements, they aggressively advertise the manufacturers’ products. Because they focus on a particular area and market, distributors are able to establish strong relationships with manufacturers. They have better connections with some companies than a wholesaler does. They have the option of selling either directly to consumers and businesses or to retailers and other business owners. We hope Myanmar Golden Heart is successful in explaining to you who the distributors are.

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What is Hardware Distribution?

Let’s dive in. We carry a range of hardware tools, such as Eastman oil cans and combination spanners. However, distributing them over the market is necessary to make them available for buying. Transport, packing, and delivery are all involved. Distribution has a significant impact on a business’s revenues.

Myanmar Golden Heart asserts that finding the right distributor can increase a company’s product market exposure and provide it with a competitive edge in terms of speed and efficiency.

Be aware of your product distribution options.

“Distribution channel” refers to the business deal between a manufacturer and a customer. It is the direction a transaction goes in. Between producers and retailers, distributors of goods handle product transport and storage. These routes could be simple or become more complicated.

There are four stages of interaction between producers and consumers. If you wish to broaden your distribution channels or go after new markets, you must be aware of the different degrees of distribution.

Myanmar's leading hardware distributor

Channels of distribution

We at Myanmar Golden Heart are the top experts in the field of distribution because we fully believe in bridging the world with a dependable distribution based on performance, trust, and teamwork. We offer a wide assortment of products that we ship from around the world, are suppliers of top-notch goods from across the globe, and service all channels of distribution

Portable Vans

Thanks to our specialized vehicles, we are professionals at delivering goods to any part of the nation.

Modern Trade

We are really proud of our business connections with every supermarket in Myanmar.

Buying Online

We also offer our services to the e-commerce industry.

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How is the Distributorship of Hardware Run?

The distributorship business model includes the delivery of goods, services, and products to the client or end user. Maintaining a straightforward and effective technique of distributing your goods and services to consumers frequently leads to repeat business, depending on the product and its distribution requirements. The best distribution strategy balances cost-effectiveness and total profitability maximization. To access target markets and fulfill its corporate objectives, Myanmar Golden Heart employs a variety of distributorship business models, some of which overlap. An item may do better online with one demographic than via a mail-order catalog with another.

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Hardware Distributors of Myanmar Golden Heart

Myanmar Golden Heart is an FMCG distribution company. In the first place, Myanmar Golden Heart is dedicated to providing trustworthy distribution built on performance, trust, and cooperation, undoubtedly making us the leading authorities in this field of business. We have partners from all over the world, and we carry their products—including food, non-food, hardware, lubricants, and textiles—to the most remote areas of Myanmar. Our product line consists of a wide range of items we ship from around the world. We, importers, distribute products of the highest caliber and streamline enterprises’ operations. up to the present time Some of our hardware wholesalers and distributors are listed below:

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1. Telco Myanmar:

Telco Myanmar Tools & Machinery is an organization that works in the machinery sector. It is in the Hand, Power & Lawn-care Tools, Manufacturing industry.Furthermore, It brings in $1 to $5 million annually and employs 11 to 20 people. Sanchaung Township in Yangon, Myanmar, serves as the company’s headquarters so far. Twitter for Websites, PHP, Tweet Button, and GoDaddy DNS are the technologies that Telco Myanmar Tools & Machinery uses so far.

 Phone Number  +95 9422777909

 Official Website   www.telcomyanmargroup.com

SIC 35,354

NAICS 33,333

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2. KKK Hardware Store:

KKK Hardware distributors engaged in Hardware stores; building supply wholesale particularly. In the area of Yangon lies the KKK Hardware Store. Additionally, This company operates in the corporate management sector.

Phone 01 655 027

Official website kkk-hardware-store.business.site.

ISIC codes 4663, 4752, and 7020

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3. Good Brothers' Hardware Mart Co., Ltd:

Yangon, Myanmar is home to the hardware business Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co., Ltd. Further Contact information for Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co., Ltd. is +959457186614. At least 95 locations are listed near Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co., Ltd. 

Phone:  +959457186614

Website:  http://www.gbs.com.mm/

Digital Address (Plus Code): V444+QX Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Google Map Location: 16.8352751, 96.1176066

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4. Kyaw:

In Yangon, Myanmar, there is a residential complex called Kyaw Lat. 365 Su Pyatt Yadanar St. 2, Yangon, Myanmar(Burma) is where you can find all in all Kyaw Lat (Burma). Many places are listed around Kyaw Lat.

Digital Address (Plus Code): V772+8M Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Google Map Location: 17.1696525, 95.9927295

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5. Hardware World:

At the present time, Hardware World is a well-known supplier of a vast selection of high-quality goods from nations including the USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, etc.

We are prepared to assist you whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, skilled end-user, or a company hundreds of miles away from Yangon.

Phone : (+95)-1-253117

E-mail: hwworld1994@gmail.com

Official Website: www.hwworld-myanmar.com

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6. TTA

At 1 Flat Building, 2 Bayint Naung Road, Yangon, MM, TTA Aircon Service provides air conditioning repair services in particular. The company is listed with the following headings: “The terms “repair service,” “refrigerator store,” “refrigerator repair service,” and “washer & dryer store” are all used. Following are the TTA Aircon Service

  • Air conditioning repair service
  • Air conditioning store
  • Refrigerator store
  • Repair service
  • Washer & dryer store

Phone: +95 9 44801 4241

Wrapping Up:

To Provide High-Quality Products At The Best Prices To All The Available Channels, Ensuring Complete Coverage In All Of Myanmar, Is The Simple Goal Of Our Leading Import and Distribution Company above all.

At Myanmar Golden Heart, we’re committed to bridging the global market with dependable imports and distribution in any event . Performance, trust, and teamwork altogether serve as the cornerstones of the business. Eventually, We have partners from all over the world and carry their products—including food, non-food, hardware, lubricants, and textiles—to the most remote areas of Myanmar. 

As a hardware distributor, we offer new and used networking hardware to resellers, Myanmar Golden Heart, and partners,as a result giving the market opportunities for cost-saving measures and quick lead times. For this reason, we provide services for value-added distribution. Additionally, we renovate products for you to reuse in the field. Among our reliable wholesalers are Kyaw, Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co., Ltd., KKK Hardware Store, Hardware World, TTA, and Telco Myanmar basically. For the best, get in touch with them, as soon as you can!


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