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health food distributors

Eating healthy is no more boring. Courtesy, the innumerable varieties of health food and snack items available in the market these days, like, makhana, baked crispies, baked chips, khakhra, dry fruits, etc. These food items are mainly used for snacking purposes between the main mealtime. This helps in curbing hunger and also to avoid overeating during the main meals. Health food items are also filled with loads of beneficial nutritional content. For instance, minerals, fiber, protein, and healthy carbs & fat. Due to the rise in healthy food items the health food distributors chain is also increasing day by day.  

What is healthy food?

Healthy and natural food promote and sustain good health. This is because they contain vital nutrients. Also, they are grown without the use of pesticides. They also have low sodium or fat content.

Nutrition is important for everyone. When combined with being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight, eating well is an excellent way to help your body stay strong and healthy. If you have a history of breast cancer or are currently undergoing treatment, eating well is especially important for you. What you eat can affect your immune system, your mood, and your energy level.

Who are health food distributors?

Health food distributors distribute a wide variety of health and natural food products including vitamins, minerals, supplements. Also, they distribute herbal products, natural and organic foods, and beverages, specialty foods, gluten-free, vegetarian, low carb, healthy snacks, diet and energy products.

Health food distributors are actors in the supply chain as they sell food to other businesses. In addition, these get food items from manufacturers and sell to stores, and any other business dealing in the sales of food. It can however be the case that food manufacturers are taking over their wholesale. This means food manufacturers can get their products into retail. Moreover, this leaves the distributor and the wholesaler out of the equation. For instance, to get his products distributed, the manufacturer uses his agents or sales representatives. 

Some health food distributors are:

1. Potential foods private limited

They provide Cashew, Green Tea, Ginseng, Honey, Black Garlic, Black Pepper, Green Cardamom, Red Chilli, Cashew Nuts.

2. Vishuddha nutriol private limited 

They provide Soya Chunks, Poha, Daliya, Savaiya, Oats, Sharbat, Ajwain, Sauff (Fennel Seeds), Garam Masala, Pasta.

3. Kalpshree

They provide Ayurveda products, herbal cosmetics, personal care, and home care products.

4. Nature pure bioproducts Pvt. Ltd.

They provide Honey, pure honey, dried fruits, amla candy, dehydrated fruits, amla murabba, Jamun strips, bael murabba, bael candy, candied fruits, dried and sweetened fruits.

5. Real-world nutrition laboratory foundation

They provide ALVEL Flax seeds, ALVEL Salted and Roasted Flax Seeds, ALVEL Flax seeds Powder, ALVEL Omega 3 eggs, ALVEL Omega 3 enriched poultry feed, ALVEL Omega 3 Flaxseed oil, ALVEL Omega 3 Flaxseed oil  Softgel Capsules, ALVEL Omega 3 Flaxseed oil  Emulsion, ALVEL Omega 3 Chocolate, ALVEL Omega 3 Cookies  

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