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FMCG Food Products List-The 24 Hour Need

FMCG Food Products List: The 24 Hour Need


The basic fundamental need of human beings is food. Every person earns so that he can eat healthy and nourished food. Here comes the point where we need to understand the meaning of the FMCG food products list.

Interpretation On FMCG Food


FMCG food product list includes all such articles that we pick while shopping for groceries. These are used on a daily basis. In simple terms, you can also call them household items.

These commodities are very important for survival. In contrast to luxury items, these are the only items that one needs. They are the basic necessities.

FMCG Food Product List


Now let’s understand what altogether constitutes this list

1) Ready to Eat Food


Meals that are pre cooked and then consumed later are known as ready to eat meals. For example, sandwiches, salad, smoked fish etc.

2) Processed Food


Meals such as boxed pasta, cereals etc fall under this category. Boxed food is very common among youth as they have very little time to cook, hence, they prefer this.

3) Beverages


Beverages include juice, bottled water and energy drinks. Among this, bottled water is the most admired product. Juices come next in this list.

4) Fresh Food


Among the whole fmcg food product list, this is the most important. Fruits, vegetables and other products of daily need come under this category. Every human being desires to eat nourished food. This is the most healthy food in the whole list.

5) Baked Commodities


Food products such as cookies, bagels etc come under this category. Though these are not the first liking of every person, as these come under luxury products and are quite expensive too.

Hence it is quite clear to understand from the above detail what exactly the fmcg food product list is. One may get confused as the categories are quite vast. Most of these products are already in our kitchen. Thus, these hold grand significance in our daily lives.

Let’s Know What Makes FMCG Food So Important


1)Essential Commodities


Food products are the basic necessity of any human being. No person can survive without food.

2) Highly In Demand FMCG Food


Regardless of the earning, one will always invest in good food products that are highly nutritious and healthy. Nobody wants to eat food that is not good for their health. This makes them the most demanded products.

3) Routine Nature


These products are of daily use. We need to eat food daily. One cannot skip its consumption. Thus the supply and availability of such products need to be continuous.

Therefore, the fmcg food product list is the most important list that one makes. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all  make this list while we go out shopping. By the year 2030, the FMCG industry will become the most profitable industry. The reason behind its progressive development is it’s inelastic demand and low cost. 

FMCG products are available at relatively low cost in contrast to other products. 

So the next time you go out shopping, make sure to make a fmcg food product list. 

FMCG Food Products List

India’s FMCG Market In The Food Industry


FMCG companies are now dominating the Indian retail market with their goods and have an impact on almost every part of our lives. The Indian market for food and groceries is the sixth-largest in the world. The packaging is the first thing that a customer notices when he buys a product. Hence the processing and packaging industries offer many opportunities to retailers in the food ingredients industry.

The trends of the market nowadays show that consumers, especially millennials, look for food that makes their diet healthier, has a minimal amount of processing, is gluten-free, and organic. Food retailers like grocery stores and wholesalers are now providing products that are both health-conscious, as well as value-driven, to suit this purpose. This is also because of the significant growth in the disposable income of consumers and their eagerness to spend more money on quality food that is also packaged well.

Rise Of The Ready-to-Eat Segment


The increase in dual-income families, decrease of culinary skills and pop-up of various food delivery apps have triggered a transformation from Ready-to-Cook to the Ready-to-Eat segment. These trends can be noticed even in our own homes when going for delivery of food becomes easy. This change has greatly contributed towards building a dynamic market environment in India and has opened up possibilities for the organised e-retail players.

Change Led By Food Tech Start-Ups


The online food delivery industry seems to be growing at a rate of 16 percent annually to touch $17.02 billion by 2023. Big players in the market are building scale through partnerships, so it appears that the organised food business has huge potential and a hopeful future. Likewise buying groceries online is now a regular experience with several e-commerce players catering to this segment as well.

Packaging That’s Healthy And Safe


Besides these changes, there is an increasing number of health-conscious consumers in the market, with an inclination towards processed foods that are also servicing the global speciality food ingredients market. This means it is one of the biggest industries in India. The Indian gourmet market currently valued at $1.3 billion is developing at a CAGR of 20 percent. 

But, the consumer is conscious of the use of food additives that strip the items of their nutrients. This has laid the foundation for consumers demanding a safe, quality product with a long shelf life.

Due to this, packaging is becoming a key player in the preservation of food. Moving forward, better packaging techniques have to be developed that not only increase the shelf life of the product but also maintain the nutritive value of the processed items.

The Takeaway

The high growth rate of the FMCG industry in India, however, exceeds growth drivers like income increase and urbanization. The consumption practices of India’s new-age consumers have led to an attitudinal shift in the market. Also, if the government continues to work to develop the infrastructure of the sector, it will be an appreciated move and further boost the growth of the FMCG sector and allied industries.

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