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Everything To Know About Motor Oil Distributors 1.1

Everything To Know About Motor Oil Distributors

Motor oil, engine oil, or lubricant is one of the numerous substances that comprise base oils enriched with several additives, especially anti wear additives, detergents, dispersants, and, for multi-grade oils, viscosity index improvers. Consumption of Motor oil is generally for lubrication of inner combustion engines. The chief capacity of engine oil is to lessen rubbing and wear on moving parts and to refine the motor from ooze and stain (cleansers). It likewise kills acids that emerge from fuel and from the oxidation of the oil, improves fixing of cylinder rings, and cools the motor by moving hotness away from moving parts.

Motor Oil Distributors

One of the most crucial things an operator could do for his machines is providing them oils & lubricants. The foremost aim of using lubricants is that they provide higher efficiency, better reliability, longer life, plus, decrease in maintenance cost. In addition to this, these aid in reducing friction, plus, they minimize the chances of wear and corrosion. In the case of oils that are necessary for the auto-mobiles. They use them to expand engines’ life, enhance the protection and to give a low-temperature performance. Types of oils that are in use are heavy-duty engine oil, gear oil hydraulic, petrol engine oil etc.. So, oils & lubricants are important to extend the service life of both machinery & auto-mobiles.

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The engine oil wholesaler’s part in deciding the nature of the greases. Which is frequently overlooked. It is an assumption and dream that all engine oil wholesalers keep similar quality guidelines. While the differences in quality principles among engine oil merchants could be tended to in a different article. We should zero in here on the general parts of a solid quality control program.

Everything To Know About Motor Oil Distributors 1.2

Quality Standards for Motor Oil Distributors Facilities

  • Office area and building exterior: Must be clean and well-organized with proper environmental, health and safety (EHS) procedures in place. An organized facility plays a pivotal role in assuring product quality.
  • Warehouse: Must be a neat, well-organized, safe environment with suitable lighting. Products must be classified appropriately. Empty containers and drums must be on their proper position to limit contamination.
  • Bulk storage: Tank farms should be in the form according to product families; such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, motor oils, gear oils, etc. Each tank must have the proper water draw-off valves, breathers, etc. Each product or product family must have its own pumping and metering arrangement, also color-coded.
  • Product transport: All lines, meters and pumps used to relocate product within the plant – whether it’s from the manufacturer’s transport truck to a bulk tank, a bulk tank to a blending or packaging operation, or a bulk tank to the motor oil distributor’s transport truck – must be color-coded and labeled by product family.


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