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Career growth in fmcg

Career Growth In FMCG



There are numerous FMCG products which are involved in our lives in our daily routine. Like toothpaste, hair oil, foods and cleaning supplies, these are some FMCG products we use in our daily routine whether knowingly or unknowingly. Because of this unseizable demand in the market, the FMCG industry is an ever-green field. Because of the same reason, a career in FMCG can be experienced too. It’s because this sector gives you wider scope to grow in your respective fields. Consumers can’t live without, as it plays a very important role in their lives, eventually helping both job seekers and entrepreneurs. This sector is very important for us and it surrounds many other manufacturers, suppliers, and packaging industries. 

FMCG Market Size in India


The market size of FMCG in India is $103.7 billion, with 27.9% of total growth. Big multinational companies have a market share of approximately 47%. The FMCG industry is very successful even after the deadly pandemic. Rural consumption has increased during March – April 2020, and there is no scarcity of demand for the branded products. But the possibility of reaching the target by 2025 is high.

Top FMCG Companies in India


However the top MNCs in the FMCG sectors have a market share of 47% mixed. The list of top MNCs include ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, Britannia, Patanjali, Dabur, Godrej, and Colgate. 

Each company has a market share as follows:

  • ITC has14% market share
  • Hindustan Unilever has 12% of total market share
  • Nestle has 3% market share
  • Britannia has only 3% market share
  • Patanjali has 4% market share
  • Dabur owns 2% market share
  • Godrej has only 2% market share
  • Colgate has 1% of market share

Thus, this data indicates that career growth in the FMCG sector has a great expansion compared to other sectors in today’s scenario. However, it isn’t easy to find out how to pursue your career in the FMCG sector in India.

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Career Growth in FMCG 


If you are applying for a job as a fresher, your first concern will be your career growth in that specific sector. Such concern is natural and justified.  

And the same applies to the FMCG sector. Whether you are applying for a role or getting an offer from the FMCG sector itself, you will first examine the career growth in that. 

If you are interested in development in your career, you need to first understand the industry. If you are able to take up new challenges and to put your efforts into achieving success then working in the FMCG sector will definitely give a valuable experience.

The Best Place for Innovation


Career growth can only take place if there is a chance for innovation, However FMCG is the best place for career growth. Working in this industry will change your thinking differently. The daily challenge in the FMCG sector can help you in shaping your thought process. Every day new challenges related to marketing, sales, and packaging campaigns. If you are a creative person you will think in a different way to solve all these hurdles . The FMCG industry is really competitive. FMCG consumers focused more on products rather than the brands. So, if you don’t know how to get customers’ attention, it will be difficult for you to survive in this industry.

A Secure Career with a Variety of Opportunities 


The coronavirus pandemic hardly destroyed the economy. However, the FMCG industry is stable and performing well. This industry will never fall down as it involves selling products that are necessary for our daily use. It is a recession-proof industry which eventually proves that working in this sector is fully safe for your career. And of course, not all roles in the FMCG sector are related to sales.

However, if you are working as a fresher, chances are you will definitely be working in sales directly or indirectly. However, sales is the primary goal of any FMCG company. That doesn’t mean that you will always be dealing with the sales directly.  There are many growth opportunities in this sector and you need to only find the opportunity  with best results. 

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