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Best Sales Strategies for FMCG Products

Best Sales Strategies for FMCG Products


Best sales strategies for FMCG products should be adopted by companies to increase sales. Deals of an FMCG item are like a see-saw, where it is critical that both the sides are adjusted and keep up with the balance. In this case, the volume and the price are the sides which need to be balanced out to meet the desired sales target. For example, Whether you sell kitchen, electronic or any other type of household appliances, the basics remain the same. Even the market positioning of the product does not obstruct the basics of the model.By taking some of the following steps correctly, you could increase sales and improve cash flow inside your venture. At the end of the day, cash is the only thing that matters to everyone. Let’s dive into the best sales strategies for FMCG products that will lead to success.

1. Define Dealer Margins


In the event that you are another passage on the lookout. You want to promote your product, you should define the margins of dealers, who would buy your product with cash or credit to distribute it further. Keep in mind that they might want to offer a discount to their regular customers. To uplift a larger purchase by dealers, you have to offer them a quantity discount. Additionally, you could offer a particular percentage of commission in the form of cash or products after a dealer reaches a particular threshold in terms of revenue. Therefore, defining dealer margins is one of the best strategies for FMCG products a company may use.

2. Maintain Your Supply


Dealers would only be interested in partnering with you, if you have a well-established supply chain and inventory in place. After all, it leads to the risk of their reputation if they cannot deliver a product to their clients.

3. Refer Customers


Invite other B2B(Business 2 Business) companies to refer companies to you in return for a commission. Because in this way you will be able to improve your credibility. As a dependable partner that can handle large amounts of transactions. Hence this approach would help you to earn additional revenue for your company.

Best Sales Strategies for FMCG Products

4. Share Advertisement Costs


Whatever the medium of advertisement for your product is above the line (ATL) or below the line (BTL), the company should share expenses with their personal or respective dealer. Because they are the ones who are promoting the brand. Based on the percentage of the dealer’s sales or their performance, you have to give them a yearly allowance.

5. Provide After Sale Services


The most important backbone of any business to promote the sale is:

  • Reliability
  • Approachability
  • Satisfaction of after sale services
  • Guarantee claims and possible refunds.

A company must be easily approachable and must reply immediately to any of their queries, especially the unpleasant ones. One happy customer would bring a few more happy customers, while one unsatisfied customer would discomfort lots of potential customers away. Providing after-sale services is one of the best sale strategies for FMCG products a company may adopt.

6. Establish Relationships Within Your Industry


Establishing long-term relationships with suppliers pays off big time. If you have healthy partnerships with them, they will support you in your most difficult times. And a network of dealers in different regions allows you to diversify risks and switch focus between various regions, in case one of them faces an economic downturn. For more information on this topic, contact Myanmar Golden Heart.

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