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We at MGH, firmly believe in connecting the world with reliable distribution with a foundation of performance, trust & teamwork making us the leading specialists in the world of distribution. Our product range includes a diverse variety of goods that we deliver from all around the globe. We importers distributing world-class quality products and making it easier for businesses to operate without any hassle. We take great pride in offering our customers highest levels of service with more than 25 years of distribution experience.
We have partners from all over the world and we distribute their goods to the farthest parts of Myanmar for food, non-food, hardware, lubricants & textiles. Our partners are from countries like India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malta, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more. We only distribute the highest quality of products at the most reasonable prices giving our customers value-for-money like no other.
Our food products include Candies, cakes, cooking oil, beverages, jelly products, cookies and many more. The FMCG range brings to you world-class razors, blades, bar soaps, household cleaning products, detergents and Liquid soaps to name a few. The hardware products include cutting tools, hand tools, and construction files. Textiles include undergarments and textile sets.

We service numerous channels of trade. Years of experience in the field of distribution has made us a master of all. Whether you need FMCG for your convenience store or hardware equipment for your online shopping platform, we have got you covered. Additionally, we provide marketing services for our partners that allows them to build brand equity in our market.

We are able to successfully blend regional expertise with international business practices to nurture global partnerships. What makes MGH stand out from others is our dedicated team of experts that work 24×7 so that you never miss out on what’s important. Join hands with the Largest distribution company in Myanmar.

We Service

All Channels
Of Trade


We are experts when it comes to delivering products to every corner of the country thanks to our specialised vans.


We take great pride in our business relationships with all the supermarkets in Myanmar.


We also extend our services to the sector of e-commerce.


We strive to maintain freshness and hygiene of products while delivering food to industries.


We lend a helping hand to retailers, grocery stores and convenience stores.


We provide high-quality solutions for Sub-Distribution wIth our strong team that ensures a good grip on our agents.


We also extend our services to Direct Sales where we can be contacted directly for our products.


We have immense expertise in providing world-class services to institutions such as salons and barbershops.


We are known for our affordable distribution services to pharmaceutical companies.


We are proud of our well-established business relationships with key wholesale distributors.


We distribute goods related to hotels, restaurants and bars with ease.


We are known to provide retail products at super affordable rates.