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Best Selling FMCG Products

A Complete Overview Of Best Selling FMCG Products

A Complete Overview Of Best Selling FMCG Products


What Are The Best Selling FMCG Products In 2020?


E-commerce is the new era for all the shoppers, and hence it is obvious to expect a rapid boost of FMCG products in the e-commerce sector. Every one of us would love to purchase our daily needs from e-commerce until the current situation of a pandemic is terminated.  

Most of the businessmen related to fast-moving consumer goods business would love to know about the KPI’s or the best selling FMCG products online to boost their online store’s sales through e-commerce. 

Here is a complete list of the best selling FMCG products on diverse e-commerce platforms, as mentioned in Money control.

  1. Diapers: Diapers hold a massive sales rate on e-commerce as it covers twenty-six percentage of total fmcg sales on e-commerce sites. Simply consumers spend every one rupee out of four on purchasing diapers.
  2. Skin creams: All of us love to take care of our skin and hence various skin creams from pharmacy to make-up pile up twelve percent of fmcg sales.
  3. Shampoo: Whether it is our lovely little pet or us, we need shampoo to keep our hairs glowing and silky. Due to the total consumption of shampoo, it contributes to ten per cent to e-commerce of fmcg sales.
  4. Washing detergents: We can skip a meal though it is not recommended to do so, no one would love to wear clothes that are not washed properly. Washing detergent liquid and powder make it an eight per cent sales product under the fmcg category of e-commerce.
  5. Hair-oil: Apart from shampoo, we also need oil to keep our hair growth constant and for a shiny casual look. Hair-oils contribute seven per cent of fmcg sales made online on e-commerce websites.
Best Selling FMCG product

The Best Ecommerce Tips For All The FMCG Sellers Online


1) Launching Updates To Provide a Fresh Website


Every consumer loves to shop from a store which feels fresh and attracts their hearts. One can update their websites by offering new-designs and easy user interface to provide convenience and comfort to consumers at the highest levels.

2) Try To Keep Costs Transparent 


Some companies don’t mention the exact point of asking for delivery charges. Hence, forty-one percent of shoppers move on to the different sites as they feel their purchase to be insecure on websites that are not transparent with their consumers.

3) Provide Flexible Payment Options


A common problem most of the consumers face is lack of variant payment options. One can ensure that they provide maximum payment options available online, which can help consumers while making purchases.

4) Use Info – Graphic Content On The Website


Most of the consumers don’t like to read a page-long product description, and hence they would love to watch a video which can explain to them the worth of the product and all other necessary details.

5) Respect Customer Recommendations


Most of the shoppers read the reviews of the product before they purchase and hence ensure that only loyal reviews exist on the website.

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